ReviveHealth Adds Insulin to Pharmacy Offerings

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ReviveHealth strives to bring innovative solutions to the macro issues we see in the traditional healthcare system. It is our mission to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to those who need it most.   About 8.4 million adults across the United States rely on insulin for survival. Additionally, 1 in 4 adults who use insulin have … Read more

10 Ways to Reduce Your Healthcare Spending

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How can you rein in health care bills and make the care you need more affordable? These days even people with good health coverage are paying a larger fraction of their health care bills in the form of co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses. There’s a direct personal interest in reining in costs, not just … Read more

Filling HSA Gaps with Virtual Subscription Membership

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HSAs were established in 2003 as part of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. These savings accounts have become an increasingly popular option for employers seeking to manage their health care costs. Since they were introduced nearly 20 years ago, the number of employers that have offered them has also increased. Today nearly … Read more

High Health Care Costs Force Americans to Skip Care

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For many Americans, a trip to the doctor hinges on whether they can afford to go, rather than if it’s a medical necessity. Over the past year, 22% of Americans say they have steered clear of some sort of medical care — including doctor visits, medications, vaccinations, annual exams, screenings, vision checks and routine blood … Read more

EIR Partners Announces Combination of ReviveHealth and SwiftMD through a Majority Recapitalization

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ReviveHealth, a whole health and integrated care company, has acquired SwiftMD, a virtual care services company with a strong physician network. This acquisition was facilitated by Eir Partners, a Miami based private equity firm that invests in high growth healthcare companies. Eir Partners took a majority interest in ReviveHealth as a part of the transaction. … Read more

Why Is Mental Health Therapy Underutilized?

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Studies show that almost half of adults in the United States with a clinical-level mental problem do not seek professional help for their condition. Responses from 45,000+ individuals to the Mental Health Quotient (MHQ), a brief online assessment tool that asks respondents to evaluate their psychological and physical functioning, showed that mental health treatment is … Read more

Why Do I Wait So Long for Urgent Care?

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Urgent care centers can be useful if you need care for a minor medical issue or if you require other medical services like lab work and vaccinations. These centers can provide an alternate option for people who may not have a primary care doctor or who need care outside of a doctor’s business hours. Wait … Read more

My Direct Primary Care (DPC) Experience

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I have worked in the healthcare industry for roughly 30 years, having served in various senior leadership roles for two of the major national healthcare carriers across just about every state in our country. I have seen the comprehensive nature of healthcare coverage deteriorate so much in those 30 years, and the value is not … Read more