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ReviveHealth offers competitive health benefits that can be easily accessed by your employees anytime, anywhere.

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Eliminate the Frustration and Fatigue of Traditional Healthcare

90% of employers are expected to offer digital health solutions by 2025

Willis Towers Watson

45% of employees expressed dissatisfaction with their employer insurance

Kaiser Family Foundation

50 million healthcare services can be shifted out of the traditional fee-for-service setting and into virtual modalities.


3:1 employer ROI on ReviveHealth Solutions

Make a Difference – The Power of Digital Healthcare

Digital Health Subscriptions are affordable, adaptable, and easy to use.  

Companies of all sizes have seen a powerful impact on employee morale, retention and financial success using our Digital Health Subscriptions.


Virtual Whole Person Care

Medical Care

  • 24/7 Access to Urgent Care
  • Same Day Primary Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Endocrinology
  • Dermatology

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Support Resources

Pharmacy Services

  • 1,000+ Common Rxs
  • 65+ Urgent Rxs
  • Pharmacist Consulting
  • Free Home Delivery
  • Rx Discount Card

Member Experience

  • Exceptional Service
  • Health Advocacy
  • Simple Experience
  • Same Doctor / Therapist each non-urgent visit

Digital Healthcare Advantages

Whether your employees are self-funded, fully insured, part-time, seasonal, or 1099 – Revive sets you and your employees up for success! 

Attract and Retain Talent

Medical Claim Savings

Higher Satisfaction

Utilization Reporting

Employee Savings

Reduced Expenses

Tailored to Your Needs

ReviveHealth Solutions for Employers are completely customizable!

With Revive, you’re empowered to choose the services that are most valuable to your employees, and work best with your existing benefits. 

Our subscriptions range from $12.50 to $30.00 PEPM, depending on the services selected. That’s $0.50 to $1.50 per employee per day!

Performance Guarantees

ReviveHealth stands behind our ability to drive high utilization and maximize your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

ReviveHealth Solutions work best when complimenting insurance. We encourage your employees to use Revive as their home base for care (prescriptions, urgent care needs, etc), and to check if they can get care with Revive before a brick and mortar provider or insurance vendor. That way, your employees can save their HSA/HDHP for those larger, unexpected concerns. As an employer, you have less claims to worry about and save health costs.

Offering Revive to your employees comes with a full implementation, engagement, and utilization process. We provide you with messaging and content to share with your employees introducing this new benefit, as well as facilitate both email and text communications encouraging enrollment and educating them on the benefits available to them.

ReviveHealth doesn’t replace major medical insurance; instead, it amplifies the benefit and allows patients to get the basic care they need quickly and efficiently.

Yes! ReviveHealth can be leveraged to enrich benefits to any type of employee including part time, seasonal, and 1099.

People Trust ReviveHealth

This was my first use of Revive – and wow I am impressed! It was so easy to get my appointment and get the meds I needed. My doctor was very helpful, kind and caring. ~ Charles I.

My employer added Revive to our benefits, and I have saved a great amount each month! The virtual care availability is also a great bonus! ~ E. Davis

I have had such a great experience with the physical therapy program. The sessions are efficient and helpful, and a great service! I am so thankful. ~ Anthony S.

Revive Healthcare prescription medication program is saving me over $700 per year, allowing me to invest in other areas of my life. I am glad my company is offering Revive. ~ H. Hammond

The Revive Health Team is always helpful. Have had a great experience every time. ~ JoAnn P.