Our Story

We’re Breathing New Life into Healthcare

We’re dedicated to changing the healthcare system for the better. We’re creating a solution that puts people first and personalizes care to individual needs and preferences. We’re partnering with providers and policymakers to drive change and improve healthcare outcomes.

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Life at Revive

Our team is a tight-knit community that works diligently while still having fun. Our enthusiasm for the work we do is matched by our love of collaboration and learning both from one another and from our members.

A Healthcare Solution for All

As healthcare insiders and passionate advocates, we recognized the difficulties of the healthcare system – it’s costly, restrictive, and confusing. That’s why ReviveHealth was founded –to advocate for accessible healthcare for all!

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To provide trusted, simple, affordable solutions that improve access to convenient healthcare and enhance a person’s overall well-being.


A future where everyone, regardless of circumstance, has access to affordable, simplified healthcare and the resources and support needed to live their healthiest lives.

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ReviveHealth values and encourages an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates social diversity. We strive to create solutions that cater to individual needs and circumstances, pushing the boundaries daily to guarantee quality and affordable access to care. This way, we can help others live their happiest lives.

What Sets Us Apart?


We are bringing the human back into healthcare. You are more than a medical record.


We stand for health justice and take action to help millions of underinsured people get the care they deserve.


We act with integrity and always in the best interest of our customers.


We focus on protecting people’s health through long term, preventative wellness.

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Leadership Team

Eric Leaver


Adam Koering

Chief Financial Officer

John Lufburrow

Chief Revenue Officer

John Olsen

CEO Pharmacy Solutions

Dr. Andy Eskew

Chief Medical Officer

Greg Licata

SVP Product and Customer Experience

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