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ReviveHealth is a virtual healthcare subscription service that offers online primary care, urgent care, mental health care, pharmacy services and various specialists – all available on demand, when and where you need them.




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Easy Access to Affordable + High Quality Healthcare

Whether you’re an employer seeking to provide the best benefits to your team, a benefit consultant searching for optimal options for your clients, or an individual looking for better healthcare for you and your family – we make healthcare work for you!

Our exclusive team of doctors driving exceptional experiences

Continuity of Care

ReviveHealth ensures consistent communication between your healthcare providers, promoting patient-centered care and seamless transitions between different care settings. Continuity of Care is critical in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

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Healthcare Solutions for Everyone

Explore below to learn more about our trusted care solutions designed for employers, consultants, and individuals.

We collaborate with a diverse range of partners including unions, health plans & systems, PEO’s stop loss partners, and captives to provide comprehensive solutions and services that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Discover the Next Generation of Healthcare


You want happy and healthy employees.

ReviveHealth solutions are customized for your company’s needs.

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You want solutions that bring extraordinary value to clients.

Revive Health solutions enhance satisfaction.

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What People Love About Revive

This was my first use of Revive – and wow I am impressed! It was so easy to get my appointment and get the meds I needed. My doctor was very helpful, kind and caring. ~ Charles I.

My employer added Revive to our benefits, and I have saved a great amount each month! The virtual care availability is also a great bonus! ~ E. Davis

I have had such a great experience with the physical therapy program. The sessions are efficient and helpful, and a great service! I am so thankful. ~ Anthony S.

Revive Healthcare prescription medication program is saving me over $700 per year, allowing me to invest in other areas of my life. I am glad my company is offering Revive. ~ H. Hammond

The Revive Health Team is always helpful. Have had a great experience every time. ~ JoAnn P.