ReviveHealth Pharmacy Solutions

Together, John Olsen and John Lufburrow share their expertise, insights, and perspectives on how ReviveHealth’s pharmacy solutions are reshaping the healthcare landscape and contributing to more accessible and affordable care for individuals.


John Lufburrow and John Olsen

About the Presenters

John Olsen (President, Pharmacy Solutions) – Dr. Olsen is a pharmacist by trade and a healthcare entrepreneur who has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 20 years. He has previously founded and operated multiple successful pharmacies, including one of the 20 largest Specialty Pharmacies in the US, Encompass Rx. Dr. Olsen had gone on to advise several Health Tech companies and serve as an Entrepreneur in Residence at GA Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center before founding the Pharmacy Solutions arm of Revive Health. He currently serves as President and oversees all operations and strategy of Revive Pharmacy Solutions.

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