ReviveHealth for Employers

Listen to Dr. Eskew and CRO, John Lufburrow, discuss how Revive helps employer groups save money while offering the care employees need. Gain insights from successful case studies and real-world examples.


John Lufburrow and Andy Eskew

About the Presenters

Andy Eskew (Chief Medical Officer) – Andy is a urologist, healthcare leader, and family man. Andy’s Urology practice is based in North Carolina, where he practices full-time for the last 25 years. Beyond his clinical role, Andy serves as the Chief Medical Officer for ReviveHealth, a role that reflects his commitment to expanding healthcare access.

Andy holds licensure in all 50 states and presides over Revive Healthcare, PC, a professional corporation that enables ReviveHealth to serve patients nationwide. His passion lies in bridging the gap to healthcare access, and his leadership at ReviveHealth exemplifies this dedication.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Andy finds solace in the company of his wife and five wonderful children. When he’s not in the medical realm, he’s often found on the golf course or out saltwater fishing, embracing life’s pleasures.

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