ReviveHealth Acquires ManifestRx

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ReviveHealth has announced they have acquired ManifestRx, an innovative national digital pharmacy services platform, as they continue their quest to become a preeminent leader in digital health whole-person care. ManifestRx partners with patients to provide personalized prescription management, fulfillment, advice and delivers cost savings to consumers, employers, brokers, and enterprise groups. This growth and market expansion represents the latest innovative step in ReviveHealth’s mission to make essential healthcare benefits accessible, affordable, and simpler for all people to use.

Adding ManifestRx’s pharmacy fulfillment infrastructure to the transformative ReviveHealth virtual care platform, provides Revive members secure access to affordable vital medications at no out-of-pocket cost.

“We are delighted to welcome ManifestRx as part of the ReviveHealth™ family”, ReviveHealth CEO, Jeff Bernhard, said. “Pharmacy is the most used benefit by healthcare consumers. With ManifestRx, our subscribers have no cost access to a comprehensive top-tier list of commonly prescribed drugs as a benefit of their ReviveHealth membership. This enables employers, alliances and associations that contract with ReviveHealth to access a broader suite of customizable pharmacy solutions for their employees and members at a benefit level and price point previously unavailable in the marketplace.

“The ManifestRx mission has always been to provide affordable, accessible prescription care to those that need it or are without it, while limiting the exposure to unnecessary middlemen mark-ups. Joining the ReviveHealth family combines two like-minded companies focused on delivering a sound, contemporary approach to healthcare”, ManifestRx CEO, John Olsen, said. “Members will now have access to a seamless and simple prescription fill and refill experience for free.”

ReviveHealth is on a mission to transform the friction-filled traditional health care system, by ushering in the era of Health Assurance, an entirely new subscription-driven category of whole-person care and well-being, at a time when employers, employees and millions of consumers across America need it most. ReviveHealth’s vision is focused on a future where every person, regardless of circumstance, has access to affordable, simplified healthcare and the resources and support needed to live their healthiest lives.

About ReviveHealth
ReviveHealth is an affordable health care subscription solution providing employees and consumers fully integrated everyday care including primary and urgent care, mental health therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy benefits and care solutions across all 50 States. ReviveHealth offers customizable offerings for employers, plan sponsors, individuals, associations, and affinity groups with plans starting at just $1/day.

About Manifest Rx
Manifest Rx is an end-to-end prescription cost savings program for individuals, employer groups, brokers, and other enterprise groups. ManifestRx™ is a retail and mail order platform designed to bring a transparent and seamless experience to prescription care that allows consumers to make informed decisions. No coupons, no fees, just price transparency and the freedom of choice. Visit

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