XP Health and ReviveHealth Join Forces to Transform How Americans Access Simple and Affordable Care

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XP Health, the company developing a digital-first vision benefits platform, today announced a partnership with ReviveHealth, an online health care-based subscription membership solution that facilitates rapid and easy access to affordable, quality care and prescription medications.

ReviveHealth’s 500,000 members across all 50 states can now access XP Health’s services ensuring they have the best vision care experience on the market – whether they have 20/20 eyesight or need a prescription. That experience includes online prescription renewal, glasses and/or contacts, and the option to elect ReviveHealth’s Care Offering” (combining medical and vision benefits) for just $29.95 per month for Employer groups.

“We have a clear goal to democratize access to high-quality, delightful experiences in vision care for hundreds of millions of people, and this partnership is a fantastic step in that direction,” said Antonio Moraes, CEO, and co-founder of XP Health. “Once people experience our services and see how much more they get, for significantly less money, they’re hooked. ReviveHealth helps open the door to customers who have already experienced how tech can improve healthcare and are primed to love XP Health.”

Eyewear and contacts are essential health needs for employees, yet the average American still spends approximately $200 above the allowance from their vision care provider. In addition, the average cost of health insurance that includes vision care for an adult in the United States costs over $550. XP Health reduces out-of-pocket costs, doubles coverage, and uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide a personalized, consumer-centric experience; it’s a perfect implementation of ReviveHealth’s mission of providing trusted, simple, affordable solutions that improve consumers’ access to convenient healthcare and enhance a person’s overall well-being.

“Most group eyewear offerings on the market today check a box but don’t provide much value,” said Jeff Bernhard, CEO of ReviveHealth. “It’s a massive feat to be able to provide access to high-quality vision care at this price point. We’re thrilled to find a partner that could help us make this happen for our members, and we look forward to expanding alongside and strengthening our relationship with XP Health in order to offer an amazing vision care experience that is affordable and enjoyable.”

About XP Health
XP Health democratizes access to high-quality, delightful experiences in vision care that double coverage and reduce costs by half. It is the first modern vision platform focused on eye care and eyewear that can be used to enhance or replace existing vision plans, and uses artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and customer-centric design to create a stellar member experience. XP Health was named to the 2021 Fast Company list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies and over the past year has expanded from 30 to 1500+ customers, including Docusign, Navistar, Chegg, Sequoia Consulting and strategic partner Guardian Life Insurance. To learn more visit xphealth.co.

About Revive Health
ReviveHealth is an affordable health care subscription solution providing employees and consumers fully integrated everyday whole-person care including primary and urgent care, mental health therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy benefits, and care solutions across all 50 states. Serving over 500,000 members, ReviveHealth offers customizable offerings for employers, plans sponsors, individuals, associations, and affinity groups with plans starting at less than $1/day.

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